Principle Infra Projects Ltd (PIPL) is a research & management driven company catering to the housing needs of the country. PIPL as a group is a promoter & investor company in housing & residential projects across India wherein we identify good location on the basis of convenience, investment value & population wise demand of houses in the tire1 tire2 cities of India. PIPL is a specialist in providing ready to move houses & a pioneer in providing houses @ cost price. We at Principle Infra Projects Ltd (PIPL) are a specialist company promoting Land as a preferred savings product. Our expertise & specialization in this space helps us deliver developed plots that are un-speculated, cost effective & realistic in value, these projects are owned by Principle infra as well as our joint venture partner, associates & developers projects that are scrutinized & listed by Principle Infra on its portal for benefit of its clients.

             Principle Infra defines itself in the forward and backward integrated eco system of providing developed plots as a preferred savings asset for a secured future right from acquisition of title clear land in a high quality destination, development of land according to international landscape designs, providing a robust & unique ability to marketing providing a platform to own or purchase title clear plots in the beautiful geography of our country & developing a platform for a constant demand for these developed plots, building next generation houses with latest certified technology, furnishing these units with the taste, moods & culture of the individual lastly financing & making a dream come true for the esteemed clients of our eco system.

Our Speciality

             As in any asset there are few parameters that the asset should inherently have, to name a few it should appreciate, entry cost should be less, should be able to liquidate quickly, should have a constant demand etc. As an investor company we understand the parameters affecting the life cycle of the project in land development hence the company tackles the challenges of exorbitant advertising cost, speculation, illiquidity and demand and supply management by defined proprietary programs of the company. Apart from a team of professionals in various verticals of designing & developing excellent livable communities the company is poised as the No 1 company to provide land as an savings product for a secure future. At Principle infra we have maintained to provide un-speculated land as the demand of these developed plots are maintained by company owned programs resulting in reducing the turnaround time for each project removing the delay lag due to demand & supply manipulation. Principle Infra completes the life cycle of these projects with building houses & making these projects into a completely habited gated communities.

             Principle Infra runs a defined entry exit program and sells the project phase wise passing on the benefits of appreciation to the end buyer completing the project before its schedule target time. We focus on our core business that is development and promoting of land as a preferred savings product for a secured future and exit projects at a very early stage passing on the benefits of genuine appreciation to the end buyers of these developed plots. LandExchange.in is the only portal in the country providing a trading platform for these plots in the open market reducing the dependency of the clients on the promoting company, guaranteeing a constant market of buyers reducing the chance of illiquidity in the projects for people who are looking to encash or hold their savings.


To make land a preferred savings product for a secured future.


To provide un-speculated land.

To be a company of choice for investors in land.

To promote sustainable & habitable communities by providing smart counties as a bridge between the urban & rural..

Key Differentiators



Other developers / land developers


Promote land as a secured savings product without speculative apprehensions

Sell land on as-is where-is basis (rates are pre-dominantly high capping out a scope for further appreciation)


A single platform for all participant in the industry, The company is not tied down to particular area and the nature of the business is to develop next gen cities across geographies providing a defined module for national presence, enabling buyers from across the globe to participate.

Generally small operators / land-holders / developers indulging in one-time operation locally


Unique platform having a Pan-India presence in the form of




bringing more focused participant and traffic to the projects.

Restricted to smaller city within their ambit


Professional landscaped designs to ensure quality of work

Area generally cleared of basic infrastructure provided with plot areas demarcated with cement poles


Company with a management team who are professionally qualified in the real estate space and aptly aided by a strong advisory board

Proprietorship concerns with limited experience

Legal document

Undertakes to provide legal title clear land, with Residential Zone clearance or Non-Agricultural clearance from appropriate government authority including Town Planning

Majority of Promoters of such project do MoUs for documentation as their transaction is incomplete due to the break up in payment schedules; thus lacking adequate legal sanctity to the buyer


Operates on cost plus pricing model, price increase is subject to the demand and supply of the project not speculation, advertisement cost is shared on a broader national platform rather than loading it on a single site.

Market pricing based on speculative expectations and price spillage, more the advertisement cost more the product cost.


Projects pre-approved by finance companies like HDFC, Axis Bank, Dewan Housing, etc.

Own EMI schemes where in money is collected over a period of 12 to 36 months, with no guarantee for work completion.

Time frame

Quick turnaround, typically 6 to 9 months for 100 acres development

Slow as they depend on booking money to complete work which is collected over 2 to 3 years from customers.


Control over price spillage  due to pricing policy

No control over price spillage and absence of pricing policy


Entry prices lower than market price; thus customers enjoy huge appreciation in land value due to further development undertaken by the company for a habitable community

Low scope of appreciation as land is generally sold at exorbitant rates and no further programs by the developer for converting the project into habitable communities