Terms of Use


Owner hereby agrees that, Landexchange.in by Principle Infra Projects Limited (PIPL) as Listing Agency, is hereby given for the right to act as Owner's real estate agent for the listing, marketing and sale of the Property described in this Agreement (the "Property").

Landxchange.in is property of PIPL, a company incorporated under Indian Company's act 1956 and provides services on a pan India basis.

Landexchange.in provides real estate listing, marketing and sales facilities and services to desired builders developers and promoters as an agent.

Owner agrees to fully cooperate with Listing Agency in the marketing of the Property.

The Owner agrees that Landexchange.in can deduct their agreed commission as per listing with discounts and incentives from the Buyer's payment and upon transfer of the consideration as agreed the Owner shall deliver the plots and property with necessary documentation.

Landexchange.in is not responsible for delivery or transaction between the buyer and the seller.

Landexchange.in takes utmost care to provide right connect between the buyers and sellers and shall not be held liable on any part of the transaction thereof.

Landexchange.in does not interfere in the pricing of individual developers and is at the sole discretion of the Owner.

Landexchange.in is authorised to take booking on behalf of the Owner and transact, for the Buyers convenience and safety. All transaction is concluded by adhering regular statutory and regulatory due diligence receipt of payment and delivery of the product.

The Owner shall intimate any changes on the listing and availability of the plots in formal communication via mails and shall adhere and maintain the change as an ad hoc to this agreement.

Any delay or non delivery from the Owner's end shall attract legal recourse as seems and deems fit to the Buyer in the preview of law.

This agreement is binding to the effect of Landexchange.in providing a platform of advertisement marketing and sales and in no way restricts the Owner for appointing any other sales and marketing agent.

The Owner agrees to allow the listing of his Property as required by PIPL in all the marketing engines of PIPL.

Using services of Landexchange.in confirms acceptance of this agreement.

All discrepancies is subject to the laws of India and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Pune.