Investment in land is the origination of settlement of a locality, a fundamental driving force of a nation's economy. The government has committed to create 100 smart cities and aggressively positioning these smart cities to absorb the growing population of the country. People from urban populated cities are looking for cost effective and smart solutions rather than high cost dynamics of a densely populated city. When the governments plan is implemented this will create a huge facility in the vicinities and peripherals of the smart cities driving demand thus increasing value. The urban cosmopolitan population, which has the capacity to invest in land is looking for appropriate entry in these segments and formats of smart cities. is providing a bridge between these investors and settlers and the governments initiative of smart city. is building a platform and developing an industry with all participants who sell land and enable building next gen cities.

What is is an initiative by Principle Infra Projects Limited to promote land as an investment product. Understanding the importance of land ownership and appreciation in due course of time promotes land as the largest and most profitable investment an individual's investment portfolio.

Though many would like to invest in land however refrain from doing so due to scepticism in the trade, is a screening gateway offering legitimate land properties to the buyer across the country.

What it means on an industry level? is the largest single platform across the nation where developers and individuals are listing their properties for sale.

For the seller it is the largest marketplace visited by the entire nation specifically looking for investment in land as compared to the window shopping facility provided by other online platforms. This platform is enabling the buyers to make investments in other regions without their physical presence allowing more investment openings.

For the buyer, it gives them more clarity in terms of showing all projects in the same vicinity along with their details, allowing him to compare and choose the right piece of land at the right price.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is already in the real estate business can use this as their marketing platform to promote their properties.

For Entrepreneurs, who would like to get into this business, is their sales partner allowing them an exposure on a national platform with the right audience and serious buyers.

How is the company promoting sales?

Principle Infra Projects Ltd has multiple platform in the forward and backward integration of land as an investment product namely,,, & .

Advertisement in the segment is done on a national level via various media like electronic, print, digital and outdoor thereby increasing the industry spectrum for all participants to benefit from, without burdening individual developer from high cost promotional activities. These programs on an industry level help developers and promoters to churn their inventory and maintain their cashflow.

These engines enable the buyers to make an informed decision in investment in land as a preferred investment product helping them understand the scope of development for their investment.

The parent company further identifies such development space and converts these spaces into habitable communities thereby enabling settlement and development of the entire region on the dynamics and definition of SMART CITY.....

What is the value proposition for getting premium subscriptions?

Premium subscription entitles you to a special service of an availability matrix, showcasing plot availability in the project along with individual plot areas and dimensions at a single click. With these details available, buyers can make decisions faster increasing the sales ratio drastically. The demand and supply can be viewed online by any prospective buyer for an informed decision.

As a premium subscriber the client gets access to all the available sales verticals of the company.

How does it work?

If you are a land developer and intend to use our services , you can list your property by clicking the "List your Property" tab in the footer of There are 2 subscriptions, Basic and Premium. Basic listing is free of cost. Premium Subscription starts with one time non-refundable registration cost of Rs. 30,000/- per project listing and 3% commission on sales.

What are the documents required for Premium listing?

On completion of listing formalities as mentioned on the website, you have to provide layout copies in CAD which is required to create the availability matrix and real-time online booking platform.

When & how do I pay commission?

Post creating your profile we run marketing and sales programs. On booking of a plot in your project our team oversees the transaction. After concluding we deduct our commission and release the remaining payment for your property.

How long will the property be listed on the website?

Both the basic and the premium subscriptions offer an unlimited period listing on the site....However on completion of sales for any project the property will be delisted with intimation to the promoter.

What if I want to delist my property?

If the promoter wishes to delist his property before the entire sales are completed, he can submit a request to that effect and accordingly the property will be delisted. Such a request can be sent via email on